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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.

modm:ui:menu: Display Menu

Simple to use classes for implementing menu structures on graphic displays.

Some convenience classes for implementing menus. The menus are using a stack to allow stepping forward and backwards through the screens.

The menus are based on the usage of five buttons. Inside most of the screens these buttons have the following functions:

  • Left: Go back one screen.
  • Right: Go to next screen.
  • Up: Go to previous selected entry on screen
  • Down: Go to next entry on screen
  • OK: Edit selected entry


Some classes currently only work with the font modm::font::FixedWidth5x8!


// Class
class modm::AbstractMenu;
class modm::AbstractView;
class modm::ChoiceMenu;
class modm::ChoiceMenuEntry;
class modm::CommunicatingView;
class modm::CommunicatingViewStack;
class modm::MenuEntryCallback;
class modm::ScrollableText;
class modm::StandardMenu;
class modm::ViewStack;
// Struct
struct modm::MenuEntry;
// Enum
enum Button;


modm:ui:menu modm_ui_menu modm: ui: menu modm_communication_xpcc modm: communication: xpcc modm_ui_menu->modm_communication_xpcc modm_container modm: container modm_ui_menu->modm_container modm_processing_timer modm: processing: timer modm_ui_menu->modm_processing_timer modm_ui modm: ui modm_ui_menu->modm_ui modm_ui_display modm: ui: display modm_ui_menu->modm_ui_display modm_ui_gui modm: ui: gui modm_ui_gui->modm_ui_menu