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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.

modm:board: Board Support Packages


// Struct
struct Board::SystemClock;
// Function
modm::GraphicDisplay& Board::getDisplay();
void Board::initialize();
void Board::initializeDisplay();
void Board::initializeTouchscreen();
void Board::setDisplayBuffer(void *buffer);
void* Board::getDisplayBuffer();
// Typedef
using Board::A0 = typedef GpioB1;
using Board::A1 = typedef GpioC2;
using Board::A2 = typedef GpioC3;
using Board::A3 = typedef GpioC4;
using Board::A4 = typedef GpioC5;
using Board::A5 = typedef GpioA4;
using Board::Button = typedef GpioInputA0;
using Board::D0 = typedef GpioG9;
using Board::D1 = typedef GpioG14;
using Board::D10 = typedef GpioH6;
using Board::D11 = typedef GpioB15;
using Board::D12 = typedef GpioB14;
using Board::D13 = typedef GpioD3;
using Board::D14 = typedef GpioB9;
using Board::D15 = typedef GpioB8;
using Board::D2 = typedef GpioG13;
using Board::D3 = typedef GpioA1;
using Board::D4 = typedef GpioG12;
using Board::D5 = typedef GpioA2;
using Board::D6 = typedef GpioA6;
using Board::D7 = typedef GpioG11;
using Board::D8 = typedef GpioG10;
using Board::D9 = typedef GpioA7;
using Board::DisplayReset = typedef GpioOutputH7;
using Board::LedBlue = typedef GpioInverted<GpioOutputK3>;
using Board::LedD13 = typedef GpioOutputD3;
using Board::LedGreen = typedef GpioInverted<GpioOutputG6>;
using Board::LedOrange = typedef GpioInverted<GpioOutputD4>;
using Board::LedRed = typedef GpioInverted<GpioOutputD5>;
using Board::LedUsb = typedef GpioInverted<GpioOutputB7>;
using Board::Leds = typedef SoftwareGpioPort< LedBlue, LedRed, LedOrange, LedGreen >;
using Board::LoggerDevice = typedef modm::IODeviceWrapper< stlink::Uart, modm::IOBuffer::BlockIfFull >;
using Board::ft6::I2cMaster = typedef I2cMaster1;
using Board::ft6::Int = typedef GpioInputJ5;
using Board::ft6::Scl = typedef GpioB8;
using Board::ft6::Sda = typedef GpioB9;
using Board::ft6::Touch = typedef modm::Ft6x06< I2cMaster >;
using Board::instead = typedef SystemClock;
using Board::stlink::Rx = typedef GpioInputB11;
using Board::stlink::Tx = typedef GpioOutputB10;
using Board::stlink::Uart = typedef Usart3;
// Define


modm:board modm_board modm: board modm_board_disco_f469ni modm: board: disco-f469ni modm_board_disco_f469ni->modm_board