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Debouncing Buttons

lbuild module: modm:ui:button

The modm::ButtonGroup class is able to debounce eight buttons at the same time. The buttons have to be low-active. If this isn't the case invert their signal before passing it to the update() method.

The update() method needs to be called periodically for example every 10ms. Preferred in a timer interrupt function.

The detection for long or repeated presses works only correctly for one key at a time. This constraint only applies to buttons listed in the mask variable.

Mode 1

                 Timeline ---->
                      __      _________________      __
getState()       ____/  \____/                 \____/  \____
isPressed()      ----X-------X----------------------X-------
isRepeated()     --------------------X--X--X--X-------------
isReleased()     -------X----------------------X-------X----
                             |       |__|__|
                             |_______| \ /
                                  \    interval

Mode 2

                 Timeline ---->
                      __      _________________      __
getState()       ____/  \____/                 \____/  \____
isPressedShort() -------X------------------------------X----
isPressedLong()  --------------------X----------------------
isReleased()     -------X----------------------X-------X----

Naming Buttons

To name buttons, declare an enum with a bitmask for each button:

#include <modm/math/utils/bit_constants.hpp>

enum ButtonIdentifier
    NONE = 0x00,
    BUTTON0 = modm::Bit0,
    BUTTON1 = modm::Bit1,
    BUTTON2 = modm::Bit2,
    BUTTON3 = modm::Bit3,
    BUTTON4 = modm::Bit4,
    BUTTON5 = modm::Bit5,
    BUTTON6 = modm::Bit6,
    BUTTON7 = modm::Bit7,
    ALL = 0xFF,

Pass a ButtonIdentifier to any of ButtonGroup::is**() like so

if(buttongroup_instance.isPressed(BUTTON0)) {
    // Do stuff

This implementation is based on the C functions written by Peter Dannegger (see


modm:ui:button modm_ui_button modm: ui: button modm_architecture_atomic modm: architecture: atomic modm_ui_button->modm_architecture_atomic