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lbuild module: modm:board:disco-f429zi

Discovery kit for STM32F429


To use the logging, you need to close SB11 and SB15 and upgrade the STLINK/V2-B firmware! See Section 6.3 "Embedded ST-LINK/V2-B" of UM1670.


To use the USB port, you must configure TinyUSB to use the HS port in FS mode:

<option name="modm:tinyusb:max-speed">full</option>
<!-- place either the device or host classes on the HS port -->
<option name="modm:tinyusb:device:port">hs</option>
<option name="modm:tinyusb:host:port">hs</option>

This module is only available for stm32f429zit6.


modm:board:disco-f429zi modm_board_disco_f429zi modm: board: disco-f429zi modm_architecture_clock modm: architecture: clock modm_board_disco_f429zi->modm_architecture_clock modm_debug modm: debug modm_board_disco_f429zi->modm_debug modm_driver_l3gd20 modm: driver: l3gd20 modm_board_disco_f429zi->modm_driver_l3gd20 modm_platform_clock modm: platform: clock modm_board_disco_f429zi->modm_platform_clock modm_platform_core modm: platform: core modm_board_disco_f429zi->modm_platform_core modm_platform_gpio modm: platform: gpio modm_board_disco_f429zi->modm_platform_gpio modm_platform_spi_5 modm: platform: spi: 5 modm_board_disco_f429zi->modm_platform_spi_5 modm_platform_uart_1 modm: platform: uart: 1 modm_board_disco_f429zi->modm_platform_uart_1 modm_platform_usb_hs modm: platform: usb: hs modm_board_disco_f429zi->modm_platform_usb_hs

Limited availability: Check with 'lbuild discover' if this module is available for your target!