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LSM303DLHC 3-Axis Accelerometer

lbuild module: modm:driver:lsm303a

The LSM303DLHC is a system-in-package featuring a 3D digital linear acceleration sensor and a 3D digital magnetic sensor. The sensor has linear acceleration full scales of ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g and a magnetic field full scale of ±1.3/±1.9/±2.5/±4.0/±4.7/±5.6/±8.1 gauss. The LSM303DLHC includes an I2C serial bus interface that supports standard and fast mode 100 kHz and 400 kHz.

Since the device actually features two I2C devices which are just placed in the same package, this class only implements the acceleration sensor.


modm:driver:lsm303a modm_driver_lsm303a modm: driver: lsm303a modm_architecture_register modm: architecture: register modm_driver_lsm303a->modm_architecture_register modm_driver_lis3_transport modm: driver: lis3.transport modm_driver_lsm303a->modm_driver_lis3_transport modm_math_utils modm: math: utils modm_driver_lsm303a->modm_math_utils