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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.

modm:driver:adns9800: ADNS-9800 Laser Motion Sensor

Based on work of Alexander Entinger, MSc / LXRobotics Based on



Select the firmware version to initialize the device with.: a6{ a4, a4b, a5, a6 }


// Class
class modm::Adns9800< typename Spi , typename Cs  >;
// Struct
struct modm::adns9800;
// Variable
constexpr uint16_t firmware_length = 3070;
constexpr uint8_t firmware_data[firmware_length] ;


modm:driver:adns9800 modm_driver_adns9800 modm: driver: adns9800 modm_architecture_delay modm: architecture: delay modm_driver_adns9800->modm_architecture_delay modm_architecture_spi modm: architecture: spi modm_driver_adns9800->modm_architecture_spi modm_debug modm: debug modm_driver_adns9800->modm_debug modm_driver modm: driver modm_driver_adns9800->modm_driver