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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.

modm:cmsis: ARM CMSIS Support

The Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard is a software standard by ARM that defines a number of foundational interfaces for Cortex-M microcontrollers.

We use only use these parts of CMSIS:

  • The modm:cmsis:core module provides access to the ARM Cortex-M peripherals via CMSIS-CORE.
  • The modm:cmsis:device module provides access to the peripherals of the modm:target devices via the vendor's CMSIS implementation.
  • The modm:cmsis:dsp module provides a basic digital signal processing library via CMSIS-DSP.


// Define
#define STM32F469xx


modm:cmsis modm_cmsis modm: cmsis modm_cmsis_core modm: cmsis: core modm_cmsis_core->modm_cmsis modm_cmsis_device modm: cmsis: device modm_cmsis_device->modm_cmsis modm_cmsis_dsp modm: cmsis: dsp modm_cmsis_dsp->modm_cmsis