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Device class MIDI

lbuild module: modm:tinyusb:device:midi

Configuration options:

  • CFG_TUD_MIDI_EP_BUFSIZE = 64/512 (fs/hs)
  • CFG_TUD_MIDI_RX_BUFSIZE = [undef] modm default: 64/512 (fs/hs)
  • CFG_TUD_MIDI_TX_BUFSIZE = [undef] modm default: 64/512 (fs/hs)


modm:tinyusb:device:midi modm_tinyusb_device_midi modm: tinyusb: device: midi modm_tinyusb modm: tinyusb modm_tinyusb_device_midi->modm_tinyusb modm_tinyusb_device_audio modm: tinyusb: device: audio modm_tinyusb_device_midi->modm_tinyusb_device_audio

Limited availability: Check with 'lbuild discover' if this module is available for your target!