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lbuild module: modm:crashcatcher

CrashCatcher hooks into the ARM Cortex-M HardFault handler and generates a coredump that can be used with CrashDebug for post-mortem debugging. You must place the CrashDebug binary in your path or alternatively set the environment variable MODM_CRASHDEBUG_BINARY to point to the enclosing folder:

export MODM_CRASHDEBUG_BINARY=/path/to/crashdebug/bin/CrashDebug

The debugger can generate coredumps too

In case you encounter a hardfault while debugging or you simply want to store the current system state for later analysis or to share with other developers, you can simply call the modm_coredump function in GDB and it will generate a coredump.txt file. Consult your chosen build system module for additional integration.

This module is only available for rp, sam, stm32.

Limited availability: Check with 'lbuild discover' if this module is available for your target!