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Petit FatFs: Tiny FAT Filesystem

lbuild module: modm:fatfs.petit

Petit FatFs is a sub-set of FatFs module for tiny 8-bit microcontrollers. It can be incorporated into the tiny microcontrollers with limited memory even if the RAM size is less than sector size.



To configure Petit FatFs for your project, create a <pffconf_local.h> file, which is included at the beginning of the config, thus overwriting the default settings. Please see the modm/ext/fatfs-petit/pffconf.h file for the available configuration options and their default values.

Example <pffconf_local.h> configuration:

// Enable directories: pf_opendir(), pf_readdir()
#define PF_USE_DIR 1

// Enabling writing: pf_write()
#define PF_USE_WRITE 1

// Use FAT12 file system
#define PF_FS_FAT12 1
#define PF_FS_FAT16 0
#define PF_FS_FAT32 0