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1-Wire Thermometer

lbuild module: modm:driver:ds18b20

Programmable resolution 1-wire digital thermometer.

The DS18B20 digital thermometer provides 9-bit to 12-bit Celsius temperature measurements and has an alarm function with non-volatile user-programmable upper and lower trigger points. The DS18B20 communicates over a 1-Wire bus that by definition requires only one data line (and ground) for communication with a central microprocessor.

It has an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C and is accurate to ±0.5°C over the range of -10°C to +85°C.

In addition, the DS18B20 can derive power directly from the data line ("parasite power"), eliminating the need for an external power supply.

Features: - Power Supply Range is 3.0V to 5.5V - Each device has a unique 64-Bit Serial Code Stored in an On-Board ROM - Thermometer Resolution is User Selectable from 9 to 12 Bits - Converts Temperature to 12-Bit Digital Word in 750ms (Max)


modm:driver:ds18b20 modm_driver_ds18b20 modm: driver: ds18b20 modm_architecture_1_wire modm: architecture: 1-wire modm_driver_ds18b20->modm_architecture_1_wire