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RobotDyn SAMD21 M0 MINI

lbuild module: modm:board:samd21-mini

The SAMD21 MINI board is a small breakout board for the ATSAMD21G18 ARM Cortex-M0 processor, clocked at 48 MHz and at 3.3V logic.


It can be bought for little cost from well known Chinese online stores.

This module is only available for samd1x/d2x/dax.


modm:board:samd21-mini modm_board_samd21_mini modm: board: samd21-mini modm_platform_clock modm: platform: clock modm_board_samd21_mini->modm_platform_clock modm_platform_core modm: platform: core modm_board_samd21_mini->modm_platform_core modm_platform_gclk modm: platform: gclk modm_board_samd21_mini->modm_platform_gclk modm_platform_gpio modm: platform: gpio modm_board_samd21_mini->modm_platform_gpio modm_platform_usb modm: platform: usb modm_board_samd21_mini->modm_platform_usb

Limited availability: Check with 'lbuild discover' if this module is available for your target!