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LSM6DS33 always-on 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope

lbuild module: modm:driver:lsm6ds33

The LSM6DS33 is a system-in-package featuring a 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope performing at 1.25 mA (up to 1.6 kHz ODR) in high-performance mode. has a full-scale acceleration range of ±2/±4/±8/±16 g and an angular rate range of ±125/±245/±500/±1000/±2000 dps. The LSM6DS33 includes an I2C serial bus interface that supports standard and fast mode 100 kHz and 400 kHz.

This driver only supports the raw data output of the sensor. Functions like tap recognition, step counter, free fall recogition, etc. are not supported


modm:driver:lsm6ds33 modm_driver_lsm6ds33 modm: driver: lsm6ds33 modm_architecture_register modm: architecture: register modm_driver_lsm6ds33->modm_architecture_register modm_driver_lis3_transport modm: driver: lis3.transport modm_driver_lsm6ds33->modm_driver_lis3_transport modm_math_geometry modm: math: geometry modm_driver_lsm6ds33->modm_math_geometry modm_math_utils modm: math: utils modm_driver_lsm6ds33->modm_math_utils