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lbuild config: modm:disco-f469ni:b-03

Discovery kit with STM32F469NI MCU.

This BSPs Board::initialize() sets the board up with these settings:

  • 180MHz CPU clock frequency in overdrive mode.
  • 90MHz APB2 and 45MHz APB1 clock frequency.
  • MODM_LOGGER initialized at 115.2kBaud outputting on STLink.
  • 16MB SDRAM initialized for heap.
  • Disables the display by default.

You can enable and use the on-board display in two ways:

  1. Use the modm::GraphicDisplay returned by Board::getDisplay(), which initializes the display on first call and allocates the framebuffer in the external SDRAM. This is the simplest option.
  2. Call Board::initializeDisplay() and then provide your own display buffer with Board::setDisplayBuffer(void*).

No Double-Buffering!

Double-buffering is not implemented, so you may notice some tearing if you update the display fast enough.

Access to the capacitive touchscreen is provided in the Board::ft6 namespace. Call Board::initializeTouchscreen() to setup the peripherals.

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Hardware Revisions

The revision B-03 has a different touch sensor address from B-01 and B-02, which is provided as Board::ft6::TouchAddress:

Board::ft6::Touch::Data data;
Board::ft6::Touch touchSensor(data, Board::ft6::TouchAddress);

If you have an earlier revision, you can extend your configuration from modm:disco-f469ni:b-01.

Default: b-03
Revisions: [b-01, b-02, b-03]


    <option name="modm:target">stm32f469nih6</option>
    <option name="modm:platform:heap:allocator">tlsf</option>
    <option name="modm:tlsf:minimum_pool_size">16Mi</option>