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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.

modm:driver:hmc6343: HMC6343 3-Axis Compass

The Honeywell HMC6343 is a fully integrated compass module that includes firmware for heading computation and calibration for magnetic distortions. The module combines 3-axis magneto-resistive sensors and 3-axis MEMS accelerometers, analog and digital support circuits, microprocessor and algorithms required for heading computation.


// Class
class modm::Hmc6343< class I2cMaster  >;
// Struct
struct modm::hmc6343::Data;
struct modm::hmc6343;


modm:driver:hmc6343 modm_driver_hmc6343 modm: driver: hmc6343 modm_architecture_i2c_device modm: architecture: i2c.device modm_driver_hmc6343->modm_architecture_i2c_device modm_architecture_register modm: architecture: register modm_driver_hmc6343->modm_architecture_register modm_driver modm: driver modm_driver_hmc6343->modm_driver modm_math_utils modm: math: utils modm_driver_hmc6343->modm_math_utils modm_processing_protothread modm: processing: protothread modm_driver_hmc6343->modm_processing_protothread