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CMake Build Script Generator

lbuild module: modm:build:cmake

CMake is a widely used build tool supported by almost every IDE.

This module generates three files:

  • a modm/cmake/ModmConfiguration.cmake file: provides all required tools and compile settings to compile modm for your target.
  • a modm/CMakeLists.txt file: provides the modm library target.

This module is intended to be used inside your IDE via its native CMake support which will choose the compiler, build type, build path and generators for you. Therefore you need to define your own top-level CMakeLists.txt and src/CMakeLists.txt to use this module!

Please see this example project for details.

Build Path is ignored

The modm:build:build.path option is ignored, since the IDE is responsible for setting it. Please consult your IDEs settings for that.

See the modm:build:scons or modm:build:make modules for build systems designed for command line usage.

CMake Targets

Several custom targets are provided to integrate embedded specific tasks into your IDE.


Displays the static Flash and RAM consumption of your target.


Writes the executable onto your target via AvrDude or OpenOCD.


  • option MODM_BMP_PORT=auto as string.

Writes the executable onto your target via Black Magic Probe. (* only ARM Cortex-M targets)


  • option MODM_DBG_UI=tui in {tui, gdbgui}.

Launches OpenOCD in the background, then launches GDB in foreground with the correct executable with text-based or web-based gdbgui UI. When GDB exits, it stops the OpenOCD process. (* only ARM Cortex-M targets)

To use gdbgui you must have it installed via pip install gdbgui.

We recommend using the IDE provided debug interface instead of this!


  • option MODM_DBG_UI=tui in {tui, gdbgui}.

Launches GDB for post-mortem debugging with the using the data in the coredump.txt argument. (* only ARM Cortex-M targets)

See the :platform:fault module for details how to receive the coredump data.


  • option MODM_ITM_FCPU in Hz

Configures OpenOCD in tracing mode to output ITM channel 0 on SWO pin and displays the serial output stream.

See the modm:platform:itm module for details how to use the ITM as a logging output.


  • option MODM_RTT_CHANNEL=0 as integer.

Configures OpenOCD in RTT mode to output the chosen channel (default 0) via a simple telnet client. Disconnect with Ctrl+D. (* only ARM Cortex-M targets)

See the modm:platform:rtt module for details how to use RTT for data transfer.



Generate a CMakeLists.txt

This overwrites any top-level CMakeLists.txt file!

Default: no
Inputs: [yes, no]



Formatting compile flags for CMake

Inputs: [Callable]