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FatFs: FAT Filesystem

lbuild module: modm:fatfs

FatFs is a generic FAT/exFAT filesystem module for small embedded systems.



This module generates a ffconf.h config file for modm integration with these settings:

  • FF_FS_NORTC = 1: modm does not provide an accurate RTC timekeeping method, you must implement that yourself.
  • ff_memalloc/ff_memfree: Forwarded to malloc and free as implemented by the modm:platform:heap module

To configure FatFs for your project, create a <ffconf_local.h> file, which is included at the beginning of the config, thus overwriting the default settings. Please see the modm/ext/fatfs/ffconf.h file for the available configuration options and their default values.

Example <ffconf_local.h> configuration:

// Enable directory filtering: f_findfirst(), f_findnext()
#define FF_USE_FIND 1

// Enable Volume Formatting: f_mkfs()
#define FF_USE_MKFS 1

// Enable Volume Label: f_setlabel(), f_getlabel()
#define FF_USE_LABEL 1

// Enable tiny sector buffers
#define FF_FS_TINY 1