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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.



// Class
class modm::ui::Animation< typename T=uint8_t >;
class modm::ui::FastRamp< typename T=uint8_t >;
class modm::ui::Indicator< typename T =uint8_t >;
class modm::ui::KeyFrameAnimation< typename T=uint8_t, uint8_t N=1 >;
class modm::ui::Pulse< typename T =uint8_t >;
class modm::ui::Strobe< typename T =uint8_t >;

// Struct
struct modm::ui::FastRamp::Computations< Type, uint16_t >;
struct modm::ui::FastRamp::Computations< Type, uint32_t >;
struct modm::ui::FastRamp::Computations< Type, uint8_t >;
struct modm::ui::FastRamp::Computations< typename Type, typename Unsigned >;
struct modm::ui::KeyFrame< typename T=uint8_t, uint8_t N=1 >;

// Enum
enum class KeyFrameAnimationMode;


modm:ui:animation modm_ui_animation modm: ui: animation modm_architecture_clock modm: architecture: clock modm_ui_animation->modm_architecture_clock modm_ui modm: ui modm_ui_animation->modm_ui modm_utils modm: utils modm_ui_animation->modm_utils modm_ui_led modm: ui: led modm_ui_led->modm_ui_animation