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AD7280A Lithium Ion Battery Monitoring System

lbuild module: modm:driver:ad7280a

The AD7280A is monitor for lithium ion battery packs with up to six cells. It contains six 12-ADCs with 1µs conversion per channel and a cell balancing interface. Up to 7 devices can be added through a Daisy-Chain interface (chain of 8 devices).

  • cell voltage accuracy of ±1.6 mV.
  • Supply voltage 8-30V
  • six auxiliary ADC input channels

Recommended SPI Clk frequency is 1 MHz. With a 1 MHz Clk, it takes approximately 1.54 ms to read back the voltage conversions on 48 channels.

When addressing devices in the chain directly the frequency needs to be lower than 1 MHz because delays introduced in each stage of the chain.


modm:driver:ad7280a modm_driver_ad7280a modm: driver: ad7280a modm_architecture_delay modm: architecture: delay modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_architecture_delay modm_architecture_gpio modm: architecture: gpio modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_architecture_gpio modm_architecture_spi modm: architecture: spi modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_architecture_spi modm_math_utils modm: math: utils modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_math_utils