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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.



// Class
class modm::Ad7280a< typename Spi , typename Cs , typename Cnvst , int N >;

// Struct
struct modm::ad7280a::ConversionValue;
struct modm::ad7280a::RegisterValue;

// Function
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const ad7280a::ConversionValue &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const ad7280a::RegisterValue &c);

// Enum
enum Average;
enum Cell;
enum Channel;
enum Device;
enum Register;


modm:driver:ad7280a modm_driver_ad7280a modm: driver: ad7280a modm_architecture_delay modm: architecture: delay modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_architecture_delay modm_architecture_gpio modm: architecture: gpio modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_architecture_gpio modm_architecture_spi modm: architecture: spi modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_architecture_spi modm_driver modm: driver modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_driver modm_io modm: io modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_io modm_math_utils modm: math: utils modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_math_utils modm_utils modm: utils modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_utils modm_test_driver modm: test: driver modm_test_driver->modm_driver_ad7280a