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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.

modm:driver: External Device Drivers


// Class
class modm::Ad7280a< typename Spi , typename Cs , typename Cnvst , int N >;
class modm::Ad7928< typename SpiMaster , typename Cs  >;
class modm::AdcSampler< class AdcInterrupt , uint8_t Channels, uint32_t Oversamples=1 >;
class modm::Adns9800< typename Spi , typename Cs  >;
class modm::Ads7843< typename Spi , typename Cs , typename Int  >;
class modm::Ams5915< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::BdHeap< size_t DeviceSize_, bool externalMemory=false >;
class modm::BdMirror< typename BlockDeviceA , typename BlockDeviceB  >;
class modm::BdSpiFlash< typename Spi , typename Cs , uint32_t flashSize >;
class modm::BitbangMemoryInterface< typename PORT , typename CS , typename CD , typename WR  >;
class modm::Bme280< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Bmp085< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::CanBitTimingMcp2515< int32_t Clk, int32_t Bitrate >;
class modm::CanLawicelFormatter;
class modm::DogL128< typename SPI , typename CS , typename A0 , typename Reset , bool TopView=false >;
class modm::DogM081< typename SPI , typename CS , typename RS  >;
class modm::DogM128< typename SPI , typename CS , typename A0 , typename Reset , bool TopView=false >;
class modm::DogM132< typename SPI , typename CS , typename A0 , typename Reset , bool TopView=false >;
class modm::DogM162< typename SPI , typename CS , typename RS  >;
class modm::DogM163< typename SPI , typename CS , typename RS  >;
class modm::DogS102< typename SPI , typename CS , typename A0 , typename Reset , bool TopView=false >;
class modm::Drv832xSpi< class SpiMaster , class Cs  >;
class modm::Ds1302< class PinSet  >;
class modm::Ds1631< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Ds18b20< typename OneWire  >;
class modm::Ft245< typename PORT , typename RD , typename WR , typename RXF , typename TXE  >;
class modm::Ft6x06< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::HclaX< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Hd44780< typename DATA , typename RW , typename RS , typename E  >;
class modm::Hd44780Base< typename DATA , typename RW , typename RS , typename E  >;
class modm::Hd44780Dual< typename DATA , typename RW , typename RS , typename E1 , typename E2  >;
class modm::Hmc5843< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Hmc5883< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Hmc58x3< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Hmc6343< class I2cMaster  >;
class modm::I2cEeprom< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Itg3200< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::L3gd20< class Transport  >;
class modm::Lis302dl< class Transport  >;
class modm::Lis3TransportI2c< class I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Lis3TransportSpi< class SpiMaster , class Cs  >;
class modm::Lis3dsh< class Transport  >;
class modm::Lm75< class I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Lsm303a< class I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Ltc2984< class SpiMaster , class Cs  >;
class modm::MAX6966< typename Spi , typename Cs , uint8_t DRIVERS=1 >;
class modm::Max7219< typename SPI, typename CS, uint8_t MODULES=1 >;
class modm::Max7219Matrix< typename SPI , typename CS , uint8_t COLUMNS=1, uint8_t ROWS=1 >;
class modm::Max7219MatrixHorizontal< typename SPI , typename CS , uint8_t COLUMNS=1, uint8_t ROWS=1 >;
class modm::Mcp23TransportI2c< class I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Mcp23TransportSpi< class SpiMaster , class Cs  >;
class modm::Mcp23x17< class Transport  >;
class modm::Mcp2515< typename SPI , typename CS , typename INT  >;
class modm::MemoryBus< typename PORT , typename CS , typename RD , typename WR  >;
class modm::Nokia5110< typename Spi , typename Ce , typename Dc , typename Reset  >;
class modm::Nrf24Config< typename Nrf24Phy  >;
class modm::Nrf24Data< typename Nrf24Phy  >;
class modm::Nrf24Phy< typename Spi , typename Csn , typename Ce  >;
class modm::ParallelTft< typename INTERFACE  >;
class modm::Pat9125el< typename Transport , typename IntPin =void >;
class modm::Pat9125elI2cTransport< class I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Pca8574< class I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Pca9535< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Pca9548a< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Pca9685< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::SiemensS65Common< typename SPI , typename CS , typename RS , typename Reset  >;
class modm::SiemensS65Landscape< typename SPI , typename CS , typename RS , typename Reset  >;
class modm::SiemensS65Portrait< typename SPI , typename CS , typename RS , typename Reset  >;
class modm::SiemensS75Common< typename MEMORY, typename RESET, uint16_t WIDTH, uint16_t HEIGHT, modm::Orientation ORIENTATION >;
class modm::SiemensS75LandscapeLeft< typename MEMORY , typename RESET  >;
class modm::SiemensS75LandscapeRight< typename MEMORY , typename RESET  >;
class modm::SiemensS75Portrait< typename MEMORY , typename RESET  >;
class modm::SiemensS75PortraitUpsideDown< typename MEMORY , typename RESET  >;
class modm::Ssd1306< class I2cMaster , uint8_t Height=64 >;
class modm::St7036< typename SPI, typename CS, typename RS, unsigned int Width, unsigned int Heigth >;
class modm::St7565< typename SPI, typename CS, typename A0, typename Reset, unsigned int Width, unsigned int Height, bool TopView >;
class modm::Tcs3414::uint16_t_LOW_HIGH;
class modm::Tcs3414< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Tcs3472::uint16_t_LOW_HIGH;
class modm::Tcs3472< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::TftMemoryBus16Bit;
class modm::TftMemoryBus8Bit;
class modm::TftMemoryBus8BitGpio< typename PORT , typename CS , typename RD , typename WR , typename CD  >;
class modm::Tmp102< class I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Tmp175< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Vl53l0< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Vl6180< typename I2cMaster  >;
class modm::Ws2812b< class SpiMaster , class Output , size_t LEDs >;
class modm::bme280data::Data;
class modm::bme280data::DataDouble;
class modm::bmp085data::Data;
class modm::bmp085data::DataBase;
class modm::bmp085data::DataDouble;
class modm::fat::Directory;
class modm::fat::File;
class modm::fat::FileInfo;
class modm::fat::FileSystem;
class modm::fat::PhysicalVolume;
// Struct
struct modm::BdSpiFlash::JedecId;
struct modm::CanBitTimingMcp2515::CanBitTimingConfiguration;
struct modm::Hd44780Base::Bus< Data, Enable, 4 >;
struct modm::Hd44780Base::Bus< Data, Enable, 8 >;
struct modm::Hd44780Base::Bus< typename Data , typename Enable , uint8_t Width >;
struct modm::Mcp23x17::Memory;
struct modm::Nrf24Data::Frame;
struct modm::Nrf24Data::Header;
struct modm::Nrf24Data::Packet::Payload;
struct modm::Nrf24Data::Packet;
struct modm::Nrf24Register;
struct modm::Tcs3414::Data.__unnamed__;
struct modm::Tcs3472::Data.__unnamed__;
struct modm::ad7280a::ConversionValue;
struct modm::ad7280a::RegisterValue;
struct modm::ad7928::Data;
struct modm::ad7928;
struct modm::adns9800;
struct modm::ams5915::Data;
struct modm::ams5915;
struct modm::bme280;
struct modm::bme280data::Calibration;
struct modm::bme280data::DataBase;
struct modm::bmp085;
struct modm::bmp085data::Calibration;
struct modm::drv832xSpi;
struct modm::ds1302::Config;
struct modm::ds1302::Data;
struct modm::ds1302;
struct modm::ds1631;
struct modm::ft6x06::Data;
struct modm::ft6x06::touch_t;
struct modm::ft6x06;
struct modm::hclax::Data;
struct modm::hclax;
struct modm::hmc5843;
struct modm::hmc5883;
struct modm::hmc58x3::Data;
struct modm::hmc58x3;
struct modm::hmc6343::Data;
struct modm::hmc6343;
struct modm::itg3200::Data;
struct modm::itg3200;
struct modm::l3gd20::Data;
struct modm::l3gd20;
struct modm::lis302dl::Data;
struct modm::lis302dl;
struct modm::lis3dsh::Data;
struct modm::lis3dsh;
struct modm::lm75::Data;
struct modm::lm75;
struct modm::lsm303a::Data;
struct modm::lsm303a;
struct modm::ltc2984::Configuration::Rsense;
struct modm::ltc2984::Configuration::Rtd;
struct modm::ltc2984::Configuration;
struct modm::ltc2984::Data;
struct modm::ltc2984;
struct modm::mcp23x17;
struct modm::pat9125el;
struct modm::pca8574;
struct modm::pca9535;
struct modm::pca9685;
struct modm::ssd1306;
struct modm::tcs3414;
struct modm::tcs3472;
struct modm::tmp102::Data;
struct modm::tmp102;
struct modm::tmp175;
struct modm::vl53l0::Data;
struct modm::vl53l0::TimeOverhead;
struct modm::vl53l0;
struct modm::vl6180::Data;
struct modm::vl6180;
// Function
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const ad7280a::ConversionValue &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const ad7280a::RegisterValue &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const drv832xSpi::CsaControl_t &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const drv832xSpi::DriverControl_t &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const drv832xSpi::FaultStatus1_t &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const drv832xSpi::GateDriveHS_t &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const drv832xSpi::GateDriveLS_t &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const drv832xSpi::OcpControl_t &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const drv832xSpi::VgsStatus2_t &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const ltc2984::Data &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const ltc2984::Data::Status &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &os, const vl53l0::RangeErrorCode &c);
IOStream& modm::operator<<(IOStream &out, const ad7928::Data &data);
ltc2984::CommandStatus modm::operator|(ltc2984::CommandStatus r, ltc2984::Channel c);
ltc2984::Register modm::operator+(ltc2984::Register r, ltc2984::Channel c);
// Enum
enum Average;
enum Brightness;
enum CNF1;
enum CNF2;
enum CNF3;
enum Cell;
enum Channel;
enum Config;
enum Current;
enum Device;
enum EFLG;
enum Orientation;
enum RXB0CTRL;
enum RXB1CTRL;
enum RXBnDLC;
enum RXBnSIDL;
enum Register;
enum Register;
enum Register;
enum RxStatus;
enum Status;
enum TXBnCTRL;
enum TXBnSIDL;
enum Time;
// Variable
const uint8_t modm::max6966::READ = 0x80;
const uint8_t modm::max6966::WRITE = 0x00;
const uint8_t modm::st7565::configuration_dogm132[12] ;
const uint8_t modm::st7565::configuration_dogs102[11] ;
const uint8_t modm::st7565::configuration_dogx128[12] ;
constexpr uint16_t firmware_length = 3070;
constexpr uint8_t firmware_data[firmware_length] ;
struct modm::Tcs3414::Data::@0 modm::Tcs3414< I2cMaster >::Data::@1 ;
struct modm::Tcs3472::Data::@2 modm::Tcs3472< I2cMaster >::Data::@3 ;
uint8_t modm::Tcs3414< I2cMaster >::Data::dataBytes[2 *4] ;
uint8_t modm::Tcs3472< I2cMaster >::Data::dataBytes[2 *4] ;
// Typedef
typedef DRESULT modm::fat::Result;
typedef DSTATUS modm::fat::Status;
// Define
#define MCP2515_FILTER(id)
#define MCP2515_FILTER_EXTENDED(id)
#define MCP2515_MASK(id)
#define MCP2515_MASK_EXTENDED(id)
#define ST7565_ADC_NORMAL
#define ST7565_ADC_REVERSE
#define ST7565_BIAS_1_7
#define ST7565_BIAS_1_9
#define ST7565_BOOSTER_234
#define ST7565_BOOSTER_5
#define ST7565_BOOSTER_6
#define ST7565_BOOSTER_SET
#define ST7565_COL_ADDRESS_LSB
#define ST7565_COL_ADDRESS_MSB
#define ST7565_INDICATOR_OFF
#define ST7565_INDICATOR_ON
#define ST7565_NOP
#define ST7565_NORMAL
#define ST7565_OFF
#define ST7565_ON
#define ST7565_PAGE_ADDRESS
#define ST7565_POWER_CONTROL
#define ST7565_POWER_LOW_POWER
#define ST7565_RESET_CMD
#define ST7565_REVERSE
#define ST7565_SCAN_DIR_NORMAL
#define ST7565_SHOW_ALL_POINTS
#define ST7565_SHOW_NORMAL
#define ST7565_VOLTAGE
#define ST7565_VOLUME_MODE_1
#define ST7565_VOLUME_MODE_2


modm:driver modm_driver modm: driver modm_driver_ad7280a modm: driver: ad7280a modm_driver_ad7280a->modm_driver modm_driver_ad7928 modm: driver: ad7928 modm_driver_ad7928->modm_driver modm_driver_adc_sampler modm: driver: adc_sampler modm_driver_adc_sampler->modm_driver modm_driver_adns9800 modm: driver: adns9800 modm_driver_adns9800->modm_driver modm_driver_ads7843 modm: driver: ads7843 modm_driver_ads7843->modm_driver modm_driver_ams5915 modm: driver: ams5915 modm_driver_ams5915->modm_driver modm_driver_block_device modm: driver: block.device modm_driver_block_device->modm_driver modm_driver_bme280 modm: driver: bme280 modm_driver_bme280->modm_driver modm_driver_bmp085 modm: driver: bmp085 modm_driver_bmp085->modm_driver modm_driver_drv832x_spi modm: driver: drv832x_spi modm_driver_drv832x_spi->modm_driver modm_driver_ds1302 modm: driver: ds1302 modm_driver_ds1302->modm_driver modm_driver_ds1631 modm: driver: ds1631 modm_driver_ds1631->modm_driver modm_driver_ds18b20 modm: driver: ds18b20 modm_driver_ds18b20->modm_driver modm_driver_ea_dog modm: driver: ea_dog modm_driver_ea_dog->modm_driver modm_driver_fat modm: driver: fat modm_driver_fat->modm_driver modm_driver_ft245 modm: driver: ft245 modm_driver_ft245->modm_driver modm_driver_ft6x06 modm: driver: ft6x06 modm_driver_ft6x06->modm_driver modm_driver_hclax modm: driver: hclax modm_driver_hclax->modm_driver modm_driver_hd44780 modm: driver: hd44780 modm_driver_hd44780->modm_driver modm_driver_hmc58x modm: driver: hmc58x modm_driver_hmc58x->modm_driver modm_driver_hmc6343 modm: driver: hmc6343 modm_driver_hmc6343->modm_driver modm_driver_i2c_eeprom modm: driver: i2c.eeprom modm_driver_i2c_eeprom->modm_driver modm_driver_itg3200 modm: driver: itg3200 modm_driver_itg3200->modm_driver modm_driver_l3gd20 modm: driver: l3gd20 modm_driver_l3gd20->modm_driver modm_driver_lawicel modm: driver: lawicel modm_driver_lawicel->modm_driver modm_driver_lis3_transport modm: driver: lis3.transport modm_driver_lis3_transport->modm_driver modm_driver_lis302dl modm: driver: lis302dl modm_driver_lis302dl->modm_driver modm_driver_lis3dsh modm: driver: lis3dsh modm_driver_lis3dsh->modm_driver modm_driver_lm75 modm: driver: lm75 modm_driver_lm75->modm_driver modm_driver_lsm303a modm: driver: lsm303a modm_driver_lsm303a->modm_driver modm_driver_ltc2984 modm: driver: ltc2984 modm_driver_ltc2984->modm_driver modm_driver_max6966 modm: driver: max6966 modm_driver_max6966->modm_driver modm_driver_max7219 modm: driver: max7219 modm_driver_max7219->modm_driver modm_driver_mcp23x17 modm: driver: mcp23x17 modm_driver_mcp23x17->modm_driver modm_driver_mcp2515 modm: driver: mcp2515 modm_driver_mcp2515->modm_driver modm_driver_memory_bus modm: driver: memory_bus modm_driver_memory_bus->modm_driver modm_driver_nokia5110 modm: driver: nokia5110 modm_driver_nokia5110->modm_driver modm_driver_nrf24 modm: driver: nrf24 modm_driver_nrf24->modm_driver modm_driver_parallel_tft_display modm: driver: parallel_tft_display modm_driver_parallel_tft_display->modm_driver modm_driver_pat9125el modm: driver: pat9125el modm_driver_pat9125el->modm_driver modm_driver_pca8574 modm: driver: pca8574 modm_driver_pca8574->modm_driver modm_driver_pca9535 modm: driver: pca9535 modm_driver_pca9535->modm_driver modm_driver_pca9548a modm: driver: pca9548a modm_driver_pca9548a->modm_driver modm_driver_pca9685 modm: driver: pca9685 modm_driver_pca9685->modm_driver modm_driver_siemens_s65 modm: driver: siemens_s65 modm_driver_siemens_s65->modm_driver modm_driver_siemens_s75 modm: driver: siemens_s75 modm_driver_siemens_s75->modm_driver modm_driver_ssd1306 modm: driver: ssd1306 modm_driver_ssd1306->modm_driver modm_driver_tcs3414 modm: driver: tcs3414 modm_driver_tcs3414->modm_driver modm_driver_tcs3472 modm: driver: tcs3472 modm_driver_tcs3472->modm_driver modm_driver_tmp102 modm: driver: tmp102 modm_driver_tmp102->modm_driver modm_driver_tmp175 modm: driver: tmp175 modm_driver_tmp175->modm_driver modm_driver_vl53l0 modm: driver: vl53l0 modm_driver_vl53l0->modm_driver modm_driver_vl6180 modm: driver: vl6180 modm_driver_vl6180->modm_driver modm_driver_ws2812 modm: driver: ws2812 modm_driver_ws2812->modm_driver