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Black Pill F401

lbuild module: modm:board:black-pill-f401

STM32F401CCU "Mini-F401" Minimum System Development Board

Cheap and bread-board-friendly board for STM32F401 series. Sold for less than 4 USD on well known Internet shops from China. Attention: There are two variants: Mini-F411 and the cheaper Mini-F401.


Since the board has no St-Link programmer on the board, you must use DFU (Device Firmware Update (via USB)) to program the board. A DFU command is integrated into the modm:build:scons tool and can be called as follows:

scons program-dfu

Alternatively you can go for an external programmer and specify which one you're using in a custom openocd.cfg file:

# Replace this with your custom programmer
source [find interface/stlink-v2.cfg]

Then include this file in your build options like so:

    <option name="modm:build:openocd.cfg">openocd.cfg</option>

This module is only available for stm32f401ccu6.


modm:board:black-pill-f401 modm_board_black_pill_f401 modm: board: black-pill-f401 modm_architecture_clock modm: architecture: clock modm_board_black_pill_f401->modm_architecture_clock modm_platform_clock modm: platform: clock modm_board_black_pill_f401->modm_platform_clock modm_platform_core modm: platform: core modm_board_black_pill_f401->modm_platform_core modm_platform_gpio modm: platform: gpio modm_board_black_pill_f401->modm_platform_gpio modm_platform_usb_fs modm: platform: usb: fs modm_board_black_pill_f401->modm_platform_usb_fs

Limited availability: Check with 'lbuild discover' if this module is available for your target!