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QMC5883L 3-Axis Digital Magnetometer

lbuild module: modm:driver:qmc5883l

The QMC5883L is a multi-chip three-axis magnetic sensor. This surface-mount, small sized chip has integrated magnetic sensors with signal condition ASIC, targeted for high precision applications such as compassing, navigation and gaming in drone, robot, mobile and personal hand-held devices.

The QMC5883L is based on state-of-the-art, high resolution, magneto-resistive technology licensed from Honeywell AMR technology. Along with custom-designed 16-bit ADC ASIC, it offers the advantages of low noise, high accuracy, low power consumption, offset cancellation and temperature compensation. QMC5883L enables 1° to 2° compass heading accuracy. The I²C serial bus allows for easy interface.


modm:driver:qmc5883l modm_driver_qmc5883l modm: driver: qmc5883l modm_architecture_i2c_device modm: architecture: i2c.device modm_driver_qmc5883l->modm_architecture_i2c_device modm_architecture_register modm: architecture: register modm_driver_qmc5883l->modm_architecture_register modm_math_utils modm: math: utils modm_driver_qmc5883l->modm_math_utils