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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.

modm:processing:rtos: RTOS Abstractions

Basic building blocks of an RTOS abstracted as C++ classes and implemented either with FreeRTOS or stdlibc++.


// Class
class modm::rtos::BinarySemaphore;
class modm::rtos::Mutex;
class modm::rtos::MutexGuard;
class modm::rtos::Queue< typename T  >;
class modm::rtos::QueueBase;
class modm::rtos::Scheduler;
class modm::rtos::Semaphore;
class modm::rtos::SemaphoreBase;
class modm::rtos::Thread::Lock;
class modm::rtos::Thread;
// Define
#define TIME_LOOP(frequency)


modm:processing:rtos modm_processing_rtos modm: processing: rtos modm_freertos modm: freertos modm_processing_rtos->modm_freertos modm_processing modm: processing modm_processing_rtos->modm_processing