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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.

modm:ui:display: Display Graphics

Code for writing and drawing on character and graphical displays.

Coordinate System

(0, 0)
   |  ----> X            |
   | |                   |
   | |                   |
   | V Y                 |
   |                     |
   |                     |
   |                     |
               e.g. (127, 63)

The size (width and height) of a graphics primitive always correspond to its mathematical model, ignoring the rendered with. As everything is drawn one pixel wide, the pixels will be rendered to the right and below the mathematically defined points.


// Class
class modm::CharacterDisplay::Writer;
class modm::CharacterDisplay;
class modm::GraphicDisplay::Writer;
class modm::GraphicDisplay;
class modm::MonochromeGraphicDisplayBufferedHorizontal< int16_t Width, int16_t Height >;
class modm::MonochromeGraphicDisplayBufferedVertical< int16_t Width, int16_t Height >;
class modm::VirtualGraphicDisplay;
class modm::glcd::Color;
// Variable
const uint8_t bitmap::home_16x16[] ;
const uint8_t bitmap::logo_eurobot_90x64[] ;
const uint8_t bitmap::logo_rca_90x64[] ;
const uint8_t bitmap::skull_64x64[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::AllCaps3x5[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::ArcadeClassic[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::Assertion[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::FixedWidth5x8[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::Matrix8x8[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::Numbers14x32[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::Numbers40x57[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::Numbers46x64[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::ScriptoNarrow[] ;
const uint8_t modm::font::Ubuntu_36[] ;
// Typedef
typedef Vector<int16_t, 2> modm::glcd::Point;


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