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These module docs are in beta and may be incomplete.

modm:cmsis:dsp: ARM CMSIS-DSP

This module provides the CMSIS-DSP library. Please see the API documentation for details.



Allow unaligned data storage: False{ True, False }

If the core supports it, this options enables storing data in unaligned memory. This may reduce data size, but cost some speed.


Check input/output matrix size: False{ True, False }

Check the input and output sizes of matrices and return ARM_MATH_SIZE_MISMATCH on failure.


Round float inputs: True{ True, False }

Rounds float inputs properly during all conversions.


modm:cmsis:dsp modm_cmsis_dsp modm: cmsis: dsp modm_cmsis modm: cmsis modm_cmsis_dsp->modm_cmsis